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Welcome to "Muscle and Workouts"


This site is about educating YOU in the whole gym experience, from workouts, tips, fat loss and nutrition, these pages will give you the right information to succeed.

This site tells you all you need to know with easy to follow pages and easy to understand information.


This site will show you top exercises for your muscle and workouts for muscle groups.

I will show you beginners workouts, muscle workouts, weightlifting and bodybuilding advice.

You will learn proper form when building bigger chest, arms, legs and shoulders.

No rubbish just good bodybuilding information and advice.

Learn power routines and exercises to tone your stomach.

Exercises to a full chest and bulging biceps


Target everything from chest, shoulders, biceps to abs and even calves.

Learn top tips such as proper weightlifting form, stretching, gym clothing equipment and training partners.


Find out the best exercises for your muscles.


This site will tell you everything you need to know to succeed. Just follow the easy to understand links to the section you are most interested in, whether its fat loss, or a sample workout routine for the intermediate lifter who just isn't seeing results.


Remember that its not just lifting weights that will yield the best results, you must be dedicated to your diet (see the nutrition section). You must understand how the body works and not to over train ( see the top tips section for all the other information you need before you embark on the exciting quest to change your body for the better).


Remember, there is no quick easy route but hard work does pay off in the end.

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